TKC International Inc.

For more than thirty years, TKC International, Inc. has been operating the levers of power in Washington. It knows how to make things happen – or not happen, as the case might dictate. TKCI is a boutique consultancy dedicated to delivering positive results while simplifying complications for clients.

TKCI produces results by:

Building strong, durable relations with political leaders in the Administration and Congress;

Advocating for government policies that are important to the client such as immigration, taxes, the Trade regulations, etc

Managing communications programs to support direct advocacy.

TKCI produces for the client on issues the client determines.

Inserting the client’s legislative priorities onto the agenda of the Congress, through the introduction and markup of bills, the scheduling of official hearings, and the preparation of Congressional reports favorable to the client’s perspective on key issues.

Promoting stronger dialogue within the United States,, concentrating on such issues as sanctions and trade, democratic and market reforms, increased travel links, etc.; and

Working to identify key policy makers and delivering messages tailored to their personal portfolio or perspective. TKCI ensures that your messages are reaching the right people at the right time.

Working with the relevant committees on the details of the client’s priorities, and crafting specific provisions and/or procedures that accomplish those client’s goals while minimizing potential conflicts with those who have competing interests.

Building strong, durable relations with political leaders in the Administration and Congress;

Inserting legislative priorities onto the agenda of the Congress, through the introduction and markup of bills, the scheduling of official hearings, and the preparation of Congressional reports favorable to the client’s perspective on key issues.

The Team

Robert J. Keefe is Chairman of TKC International, Inc.

Over the last thirty years, Keefe brought together unique teams of professionals offering expertise in representation, lobbying, public affairs, and strategic communications. Keefe’s long time activity in trade policy led to involvement in international business activities directly. He became expert in trade development and expansion; in marketing products abroad, and in international transaction management.

Bob Keefe learned to work the levers of power in government through service on Congressional staffs {(Congressman Ed Roush (D-IN) and Senator Birch Bayh (D-IN)}, political campaigns and consulting to major US and foreign organizations. Bob Keefe has been active in every national campaign since 1964 and has served as an advisor to Democratic presidential candidates, senators and congressmen, governors and mayors.

Bob Keefe is an Indiana native. He received a B.A. degree in Journalism from Marquette University and came to Washington to work for twelve years as a congressional aide. He became the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee under Chairman Robert Strauss, helping rebuild the party in preparation for the victory of President Jimmy Carter. He has worked extensively in Japan-US trade matters since 1977 and in recent years expanded his horizons to other parts of the world. He was a principal representative of the Government of Mexico in the NAFTA negotiations and the ensuing congressional action.

Keefe writes regularly for a number of international outlets on American political and public policy trends. He is a regular speaker at leading business forums and corporate meetings.

Luigi De Angelis, Executive Vice President of TKC International, Inc.

De Angelis has a Law degree for the Santa Maria University in Caracas, specialized in international representation, mergers, acquisitions, venture capital, and public bonds.

De Angelis has joined forces with companies such as China National Electric Company CNNEC and Holley Group from China, Emergency Consult and Bombardier from Canada, The Rendon Group and Wesley K. Clark and Associates from the United States.

He focus on identifying business opportunities for our clients, design the strategy to achieve the best possible outcome, coordinate the various elements that may be needed to work together on any given project and guide the legal elements of the fundamental contracts.

He is actually involved on developing alternative energy projects in Eastern Europe, assisting world companies develop both solar and wind energy projects. He is also involved in a broadly based program to improve energy efficiency use for cities in Easter Europe; a turn key custom modernization project in South America; and a alternative fuel recovery system.

How we work

TKCI maintains a small footprint in Washington and works extensively through affiliated firms and consultants. Every project requires special skills and TKCI brings in the best talent to fit the instant problem.

Our specialized, multidisciplinary team is comprised of Washington insiders who are well known within the Republican and Democratic Congressional leadership and the relevant trade and international affairs committees, the White House, the National Security Council, the Departments of State, Defense and Treasury, and the Washington think tank and media communities.

The individual members of our firms have built careers tackling complex policy initiatives and intricate communications campaigns. We offer our clients a rare combination of veteran communicators, tested policy makers, and savvy strategists. We have worked on political campaigns, represented foreign governments and international corporations, and conducted local, state and federal issue campaigns. Seasoned public relations professionals complement our government affairs work with expertise in coalition management, corporate positioning, event planning, media relations, and local and national event staging.

    What we have done latetly

    What we have done lately…

    TKC International’s government affairs services and experiences have traveled a variety of paths in order to implement effective strategies and successful plans for our clients. Some of our more recent accomplishments include:

    √ Secured language in a tax bill to encourage investment in the infrastructure of CBI nations;

    √ Secured appropriations language to provide construction funds for a university hospital facility;

    √ Managed a trade promotion program for a regional Spanish government to increase exports;

    √ Assisted an island nation develop new revenue programs and a casino control authority;

    √ Managed an international conference on Drug Money Laundering;

    √ Achieved passage of a law to promote debt-for-development and debt-for-nature swaps as a means to reduce Third World debt;

    √ Designed and implemented a major import promotion program of a foreign nation in the U. S.;

    √ Secured a custom pre-clearance program for a Caribbean resort destination;

    √ Assisted a foreign purchaser in its acquisition of a major telecommunications company;

    √ Achieved duty free tariff treatment under the Generalized System of Preferences program (GSP) for an Argentine chemical manufacturer.√

    Contact Us

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    operates primarily from Washington DC:

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