What we have done latetly

What we have done lately…

TKC International’s government affairs services and experiences have traveled a variety of paths in order to implement effective strategies and successful plans for our clients. Some of our more recent accomplishments include:

√ Secured language in a tax bill to encourage investment in the infrastructure of CBI nations;

√ Secured appropriations language to provide construction funds for a university hospital facility;

√ Managed a trade promotion program for a regional Spanish government to increase exports;

√ Assisted an island nation develop new revenue programs and a casino control authority;

√ Managed an international conference on Drug Money Laundering;

√ Achieved passage of a law to promote debt-for-development and debt-for-nature swaps as a means to reduce Third World debt;

√ Designed and implemented a major import promotion program of a foreign nation in the U. S.;

√ Secured a custom pre-clearance program for a Caribbean resort destination;

√ Assisted a foreign purchaser in its acquisition of a major telecommunications company;

√ Achieved duty free tariff treatment under the Generalized System of Preferences program (GSP) for an Argentine chemical manufacturer.√